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Refining the Design 


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user personas




sTarting the design

Usability study findings

Refining the Design

Design System

The Problem

  • To many ads while using traditional apps

  • complex user experience 

The Goal

  • Make app with no ads.

  • Intuitive navigation for users to find movies and reserve seats



  • Conducted usability study to gain insight from current movie goers

  • Designed low-fidelity user-experiences to analyze user demands. 

  • Plan, gather, and analyze, insights about users through new studies and review of existing data.

  • Identified key user groups and created representative personas to understand and empathize with end-users.

Problem Statement

Jeffery is a College Student who needs  a variety of movies because he is tired of watching the same types of movies.

During the auditing phase, there was a common theme in the user journey. From home screen to completing an order. Our goal was to make that process as simple and clear without any ambiguities throughout the process.

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Low Fidelity Prototype

What kind of study?

Qualitative study 

How was it conducted?

Online / Virtually

Time during each test?

30 Minutes

It was observed that 4 out of 5 participants completed the “create account” with ease. 

Positive feedback

3 of 5 participants found the interface easy to understand

4 of 5 participants found a movie and reserved movie seats under 1 min 30 sec.

lack of movie diversity

Negative feedback

"I'm not sure if I clicked"

It was observed that 4 out of 5 participants were not sure if they clicked the “search movie bar”

High Fidelity Prototype

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going forward


The goal was to create a "AD-less" seat reservation app. This ultimately saves users time to navigate through the app to find a movie, select a seat and not get stopped through that process by an Advertisement.

What I learned

  • I learned to be aware of the colors I choose for certain items, like buttons, background, text and titles. 

  • I also learned that in some cases, more assets in a page in a page is not better.

  • Simplicity gives a more clean look to the product/service you are providing.

  • Have a design system prepared. 


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