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Project Overview

Website dedicated to artists who need to learn the fundamentals through videos without getting interrupted my ads.

user personas

“I would say i am a philomath during the semester. But during my time off i love to watch
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sTarting the design

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usability study findings

Refining the Design


The Problem

  • Traditional school is costly

  • Current online video platform have to many ads while consuming art content at a time 

  • Subscribing to course is to much

The Goal

  • Make a website where the content is free for users

  • make site accessible for beginner and established artists

  • Ad free 


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Adobe XD


  • Conducted usability study to gain insight from current movie goers

  •  Designed low-fidelity user-experiences to analyze user demands. 

  • Plan, gather, and analyze, insights about users through new studies and review of existing data.

  • identified key user groups and created representative personas to understand and empathize with end-users.

During the auditing phase, there was a common theme in the user journey. From home screen to completing an order. Our goal was to make that process as simple and clear without any ambiguities throughout the process.

Problem Statement:

Ness is an established artist who need a way to watch art tutorial content because traditional websites are more focused on advertisements of videos rather than user viewing.

“I would say i am a philomath during the semester. But during my time off i love to watch
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Users were able to find their topic that they searched for on the site. The site as its design is simple, gives users a easy journey to follow.

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What I Learned:

I learned to keep the main function of the site consistence through all pages. like the top hud, the search bar and the logo.

Another thing that I learned is, while auditing competitors, finding a common user journey is key to save time while prototyping first iteration.


This site will impact Artists many years into their craft and those who are getting started in sharpening their skills in their specific niche. This site will focus on all aspects encompassing "art". being advertisement free, helps users focus attentively.